In the splendid setting of piazza delle Erbe in Mantua, the Camatti family has been taking its guests on a journey of discovery of the traditional Mantua cuisine since 1981. 

The premises, which have always been a reference point for the locals, as well as travellers, are ideal for family lunches and gatherings, business meetings, birthday parties and romantic occasions. During the warmer season, our guests can sit outside under the portico of the medieval Palazzo della Ragione or in the centre of the suggestive square. 

The Cento Rampini menu varies according to the seasonal availability of the products and includes all the meat, fish and vegetarian dishes of the Mantua gastronomic tradition. All desserts are homemade. The wine list focuses closely on emerging value-for-money labels and comprises a selection of fine local and Italian wines. Special attention is given topreparing coffee, considered one of the best in town, and on the selection of bitters and distilled products in order to letCento Rampini guests enjoy a unique and intense dining experience.