Cold cut selection € 15
Culatello di Zibello€ 16
Smoked Breast of Goose€ 15
Chopped Beef and Veal with Red Onions Canellini Beans and Balsamic Vinegar€ 12
Aubergines Panzanella with Basil Sauce€ 13
Zucchini and Mint Pie with Peas Purée€ 12
Calamari Salad with Chickpeas, Cailletier and Peppers€ 14
Squash Cream with Prawns, Smoked Scamorza and Lemon Peel€ 12

First courses

Risotto alla Mantovana (min. 2 people) € 13
Squash Tortelli with Butter and Sage€ 14
Green Ravioli with Nettles€ 14
Venere Rice with Vegetables and Prawns€ 15
Green Peppermint Tagliatelle with Peas€ 12
Bigoli with Fresh Tuna, Cailletier and Plum Tomatoes€ 15
Spaghettoni with Clams € 15

Main courses

Lamb Chops with Thyme€ 18
Rabbit cooked in White Wine with Polenta€ 15
Capon Salad€ 16
Baccalà with Citrus Fruits€ 17
Salted Octopus with Potatoes and Capers Leaves€ 18
Pike with Green sauce€ 17
Vitello Tonnato€ 14
Swordfish Rolls with Pecorino Cheese and Plum Tomatoes€ 18
Roast Beef with Vegetables Sauce€ 15
Cheese Selection with Mostarda (Chutney)€ 15
Cooked Artichokes€ 7
Single Side Dish€ 5
Mixed Side Dish€ 8


Warm Plum and Apricot Pie with Cinnamon Sauce€ 7
Cup of Cocoa cream with Eggnog and Gianduia chocolate€ 7
Mascarpone cream with hazelnut€ 7
Belgian pudding (Budino Belga)€ 7
Ice cream with Berry fruits€ 7
Sbrisolona Cake€ 6
Beer (0.66 lt.)€ 6
Mineral Water (3/4 lt.)€ 3
Cover charge€ 3,5