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The city of Mantua

Mantua, a city bathed by the Mincio, home of the poet Virgilio, bases its glorious history on the four centuries of the Gonzaga lordship.

Period in which it was one of the European capitals, a model of style and refinement, thanks to personalities such as Isabella d’Este and the first truly large art collection in the world. From the beginning of the fourteenth century to the eighteenth century, the Gonzagas, thanks to a court where the most important intellectuals met, to the contribution of artists and architects such as Leon Battista Alberti, Andrea Mantegna, Giulio Romano, built a political and cultural capital of equal importance to other celebrated centers, such as Venice, Florence or Rome. 

Mantua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been able to preserve the urban splendor of the Renaissance and boasts a significant cultural offer that together with its cuisine, a skilful interweaving of Renaissance history, Jewish culture and family memories, are exalted in a rich and tasty table.

How to find us

Address: Piazza Erbe, 11, Mantova